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Ensure the safety of your lawn by removing trip-hazard stumps.

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Whether you need roots cleared off your property or a stump removed to improve the attractiveness of your lawn, you can always call us for a FREE consultation.

Professional Stump Removal, Root Removal & Root Pruning

Remaining tree stumps can make for an unattractive lawn as well as prove to be a tripping hazard and impede lawn maintenance. Using specialized equipment, Gary's Tree Service & Stump Removal will safely remove unsightly and hazardous tree stumps from your property.


If your yard requires root or stump clearing, you'll need expert assistance from our team. Roots can dominate a grass area and this requires a clearing process different from removing stumps. We use several techniques to rid your property of unattractive roots for a more beautiful, efficient landscape. Let Gary's Tree Service & Stump Removal handle the job for you.

Clearing stumps off your property allows you to:

  • Prevent further damage to surrounding property where the stump is currently located

  • Stop further damage to your property

  • Restore the area, making it fully available for new landscaping

  • Restore the original condition of the soil

  • Wood chips biodegrade all of the minerals etc. back into your soil restoring fertile ground

  • Maintain your yard safely and easily

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