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Stump Cutting

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Whether you need trees cleared off your solar panel system for more direct sunlight or stump removal to improve the look of your lawn, call us today for a FREE estimate.

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Expert Tree Removal Services Done Safely

At Gary's Tree Service & Stump Removal, there's no tree job too big for us to handle. From tree removal and root pruning to tree trimming and preservation, you can rely on our highly experienced crew for a job well done.


Do you have a tree on your property with roots and branches that are too large for the tiny area in which it is growing? Get in touch with us today for dependable pruning or removal. Emergency services are available!

Remove trees that are damaging your:

  • Sewer lines - trees can cause significant damage to sewer lines and crush septic pipes

  • Cement sidewalks and driveways

  • Structural foundation - trees can lift your foundation, causing structural damage

  • Solar and satellite systems

  • Plumbing and swimming pools

Tree removal