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If wind-blown, roof-scraping branches are keeping you up at night, give us a call for affordable tree clearance services that will keep your property in line with city ordinances.


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Fast and Effective Tree Trimming

Whether you need to clear a tree that is perilously close to your roof, chimney, or power lines or are looking for routine pruning of the fruit trees on your property, turn to the experts with over 30 years of experience at Gary's Tree Service & Stump Removal.


If it's possible to save a tree that's suffering from dead sections and dead branches, you can rest assured that we'll provide you with effective trimming that can preserve it for years to come.

Tree trimming benefits

  • Trimming dead branches can save the tree from fungus, bacteria, and bugs

  • Can prevent branches from scraping the shingles off your roof

  • Can free your power lines from possible damage or interference

Fast and reliable tree services

  • Thinning

  • Clearing deadwood

  • Root pruning

  • Power line clearing

  • Tree preservation

  • Dead branch trimming